The GCE works closely with the New Europe College (NEC) in Bucharest, Romania, and the Centre for Advanced Study (CAS) in Sofia, Bulgaria. At both institutions, the board of trustees ensures conformity with the purpose, the efficiency of the use of funds and correct operational management, while the scientific advisory board guarantees scientific excellence and promotes the exchange with leading international universities.

New Europe College

The New Europe College (NEC) is an independent Institute for Advanced Study in the Humanities and Social Sciences founded in 1994 by Professor Andrei Pleşu. NEC started as an institutional venue for Romanian scholars, but since the early 2000s extended its programs to regional and international candidates. The Institute hosts each year about 30 Romanian and international fellows. It also acts as a host institution for research projects in which international teams of scholars focus on specific topics. 

The Center for Governance and Culture in Europe at the University of St. Gallen has developed a long and fruitful academic partnership with NEC. The main activities have been organized in 2019 as a result of this cooperation. Through its fellows, alumni, associated researchers and academic staff, NEC has continued to act as a reliable academic partner of the GCE, with which it works together in several scholarly projects relevant for the history, present and future of Eastern Europe and Europe as a whole.


Plantelor 21, 023971
Bucharest, Romania

Centre for Advanced Studies

The Centre for Advanced Study Sofia is an independent institution with strong international and interdisciplinary orientation, promoting freedom of research, scholarly excellence, education and intellectual creativity in the humanities and the social sciences. CAS attracts young talents and outstanding senior scholars by offering institutional conditions conducive to free pursuit of knowledge and dialogue in the framework of individual research fellowships or collaborative multi-disciplinary and cross-cultural enquiries. In partnership with other Institutes for Advanced Study, universities, scholarly and cultural associations, it works to re-establish the tradition of intellectual communities and to facilitate open critical debate and exchange of people and ideas on national and trans-national levels. With its transparent, lean and flexible management, CAS has been, since its inception in 2000, a reliable partner for donors and scholars alike.


7B Stefan Karadzha Str., entr. 3, fl. 2,
apt. 23, Sofia 1000, Bulgaria